Patriot Equities

P3: Patriot Partner Program

We embrace a philosophy of building our business on relationships, not transactions. Our goal is not merely to close, but to turn our sellers into clients with whom we will continue to do business, time and time again.

The Patriot Partner Program provides access to best-of-breed service providers for property and project management, real estate finance, and marketing. Our clients, in turn, benefit from a scalable and flexible platform that delivers world class service after sale/leaseback transactions and surety of closure regardless of transaction property type, size, and geography. P3 unleashes the power of a business model with consistent institutional quality amplified by our entrepreneurial creativity. The following are the key value drivers of the Patriot Partner Program.

Patriot Operating Platform

Patriot has partnered with a leading national real estate service provider to manage its properties and provide project management services for construction, delivering a nationwide presence and the ability to efficiently and effectively manage any commercial property in North America.

Patriot Capital Platform

Patriot can fund transactions across the investment spectrum through its discretionary Patriot Renaissance Fund I, L.P. which has purchasing power of up to $200 million. Patriot has also aligned itself with select capital partners that provide an additional $500 million in purchasing power to be directed toward investments in specific asset classes within the corporate real estates profile.

Patriot Marketing Platform

Patriot marketing allies include some of the leading real estate brokerage and marketing firms in North America, providing Patriot with a local salesforce and a strong and proactive presence in virtually every market. These resources drive the property marketing process at hyper speed, enabling Patriot to quickly promote projects and attract new tenants. New broker partners are welcomed members of the Patriot team. If you have a new ideas or a property you would like to discuss with us, please contact us.

It was clear Patriot's experience was key in helping us complete a large and complicated reverse 1031 exchange transaction in an aggressive timeframe. Looking back, we made the right decision in selecting Patriot Equities as the purchaser of our headquarters.

John Doshna, Jr., Darden Restaurants