Patriot Equities

Value Proposition

In a fragmented market for commercial real estate, an auction process can yield lofty valuations. But for a corporate seller, partnering with the right purchaser is essential to achieving broad organizational goals, beyond securing a competitive price.

Patriot Equities brings a wide range of resources to facilitate a win/win scenario where true value is created when mutual objectives are kept front-and-center, and sellers, investors, tenants, developers and communities converge to create common value and use resources wisely. We call this the Patriot Value Proposition (PVP).

PVP maximizes value for sellers by driving the entire deal-making process towards overarching corporate objectives. A major benefit to corporate sellers is our ability simultaneously acquire multiple properties of mixed product types and transact across markets in a single, efficient transaction.

Select a Key Value Driver below to explore the Patriot Value Proposition:

Our principals have redeveloped more than 20 million square feet and completed over $1.5 billion in transactions throughout an aggregate of 50+ years.

We are skilled at maximizing the use of existing infrastructure and improvements, eliminating redundancies to generate cost efficiencies with any project.

Brownfield redevelopment by nature is a complex proposition. Patriot principals have successfully completed Brownfield redevelopment projects in numerous communities, helping to reposition and reuse these environmentally-challenged post-industrial properties.

With our extensive experience and reputation as redevelopers we have credibility before local zoning and planning boars when seeking entitlements for our projects.

Our private discretionary capital provides over $200 million of purchasing power. All investment decisions are made in-house and no outside approvals are required to acquire any property. This results in our ability to move quickly in every transaction.

Partnerships with best-of-breed property managers, project managers, and marketing teams to provide maximum operational and structural flexibility in every transaction.

Patriot can purchase properties in "as-is" condition. Because of our environmental expertise, we are able to bear remediation responsibility for known contamination when it can be accomplished as part of our propose redevelopment plans.

We promote corporate legacy by working with communities to reposition, remediate and reuse functionally obsolete industrial properties, creating new jobs and tax revenue streams. Our projects are frequently well-received by our host communities.

We want our sellers to be viewed as solid citizens in the communities we serve. We work closely with our sellers to craft a consistent message about any proposed development and to manage community expectations. We happily allow our sellers to be publicly positioned as our partners in any revitalization effort.

Patriot's vast arsenal of resources for the corporate real estate professional, combined with a strong capital platform, enables them to get deals done quickly and efficiently.

David Bernhaut, Cushman & Wakefield