Patriot Equities

Investment Criteria

Great real estate deals are in our genes.

Our focused methodology – what we call our Patriot Deal DNA – is a means to identify and analyze real estate investment opportunities that work.

For Patriot Equities, the following criteria represent the right "genetic makeup" for a successful deal:

  • Property types including office, industrial, lab/R&D, or land, and/or portfolios in a single location or with geographic diversity.
  • Properties and/or portfolios with inherent infrastructure flexibility, including access to public transportation, a strong and diverse local employment base, and floor plans or layouts that appeal to a wide range of users.
  • Properties where a creative and aggressive marketing campaign paired with improving market fundamentals can lease vacant space and improve value.
  • Properties where we can add value by changing the product mix or underlying entitlements, for example industrial facilities that can be repositioned or repurposed as office, retail or mixed-use facilities.
  • Properties where remediation of environmental challenges can result in enhanced property value.
  • Properties where public funding or incentives are available because the local community has an acute interest in finding new uses, or new occupants, for a signature property.

We founded Patriot to help businesses extract capital from their real estate holdings and reduce transaction and operating costs by consolidating relationships with our team.

Erik E. Kolar, President & CEO